SHREE ROOPAM is a gateway to the extraordinary legacy of the ancient textile art. Shree Roopam is born out of a passion for handmade, sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible products. I want to prove that we can still use these traditional crafts in our present day homes and living. And in doing so we will enable so many artists to live their life with honor and prosperity.

Currently, I am working with Dabu Block printers of Rajasthan, Kantha makers from rural Bengal and traditional applique maker from village of Barmer for these products.
Dabu Block printing is more than thousand year old printing technique which uses carved wooden blocks to print each motif with hand and color fabric using natural dyes. The entire process uses little water and no electricity.

Kantha is an embroidery form practiced by rural women specially in Bengal region of South East Asia. For centuries these women have been using old and used fabrics and hand stitching (kantha) them to create something new. Kantha is a much needed source of income for these poor rural ladies. Most of the kantha is done on up-cycled cotton and silk sarees and again there is no usage of machines and the entire process is done with hands.

Women of Western Rajasthan have long been decorating their homes with applique embroidery. Appliqu├ęd items are also made by women for dowries. It has long been used to make decorative clothing, because most clothing is used until it is worn out and then again reused to create beautiful patterns out of the worn fabric. I use two layers of new cotton fabric to create these applique designs.
Next I want to explore Bandhani tie dye of Gujarat, Handloom silk of Benaras and hand loomed and hand woven cotton known as khadi which was also favorite of Gandhi.

I do hope you will cherish these unique piece and appreciate the love and care that went into completely hand making them.